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Kidlington Centre’s first ever Death Cafe

It was not what I expected.

They came: 10 people from different backgrounds, experiences, faiths and beliefs and shared their personal experiences of death and the loss of loved ones, their regrets, their joys and their hopes.

The openness and friendliness that surrounded this event – I am sure it was not just the free cake and coffee - was surprising and deeply comforting

Every community should have one of these events for the love that is shown between strangers, and the experiences shared which can only help us in our relationship with death and the grief that goes through the loss of loved ones.

Thanks to Corrie for preparing the drinks and producing the cake at just the right moment

Thanks to those who came and made it possible.

Finally, thanks to Diane for hosting this event and for listening.

The Death Cafe will return to the Kidlington Centre next year!

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