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Easter Bunny Hunt at the Kidlington Centre - 15th to 20th April

Children of Kidlington! Hidden in the shops of the Kidlington Centre will be colourful Easter Bunnies. Your job is to find them to get a bag of goodies.

You need to collect a stamp card from one of the participating retailers, find the hidden bunnies, get your card stamped and when you have 10 stamps you can claim an Easter bag of goodies!

You will be able to pick up a card at any point during the 15th April and 20th April between 9am and 5pm, so you can do the Easter Bunny hunt at any time to suit you. It is FREE to take part. All completed cards must be handed in by 5pm on 20th April to be able to claim a prize.

Pick up a card from any of the following participating retailers:

When you have found a bunny in one of these shops, take the card to a member of staff and tell them where you saw it. They will then stamp your card to show you have found it.

When you have collected 10 stamps on your card, take your completed card to Box of Delights to claim your Easter treats.

Happy hunting!

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